November 16, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

Today I met with faculty and staff about our plans to transform our Titusville campus into an education and job training hub that will directly support the needs of the community and the region.

As we discussed, creating this model will involve adding programs and phasing out some programs that we currently offer. While no one’s employment status will immediately change, some positions will not continue beyond August 2020.

Change – even necessary, positive change – is hard, and today’s meeting was no exception. Please know that we are working to be as transparent and thorough as possible--and this is why we also held individual sessions with faculty and staff to answer your specific questions privately and directly following today’s meeting.

Generally speaking, our approach has been rooted in several core principles, including: honoring tenure, and incentivizing faculty and staff to remain with Pitt-Titusville through the transition, as well as providing professional transition support for those who will be exiting their positions in 2020.

The tight-knit nature of this campus community has always been a source of great pride and strength, and your close bonds mean that today will likely be a difficult and emotional day for many. Despite these challenges, I remain confident that the hub model — and the new opportunities it can bring to the Titusville area — will result in a more vibrant campus, a stronger economy and a more effective learning environment.

In the meantime: Should you have any questions, concerns or need someone to talk to following the campus meeting, please contact me directly at

Lawrence Feick