Disability Resources and Services (DRS) is the University agent in matters relating to the provision of reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Students must disclose their disability, provide relevant documentation that meets University guidelines to verify eligibility as stipulated in the University guidelines for documentation, and meet with DRS staff to determine their eligibility for accommodations. This information is confidential and only shared with University personnel on a need-to-know-basis. Each term students must meet with their DRS counselor to review accommodations for each registered class, and sign the accommodation agreement form distributed to professors. A student has a right to file a grievance should he/she disagree with the DRS recommended accommodation.

Faculty members and DRS will work together to resolve any disagreement regarding academic accommodations that are recommended. In the event of a dispute, faculty members are obligated under the new policy to provide accommodations determined by DRS until the controversy is resolved.

The Pitt-Titusville Academic Accommodations Grievance Committee will be appointed by and is under the jurisdiction of the Pitt-Titusville President. The purpose of this committee is to assist the President, on a case-by-case basis, in resolving any disagreements that arise concerning specific requests for academic accommodations. The Committee serves as a resource for faculty, academic administrators, and University students for a final review of disagreements concerning specific academic accommodation requests.

Members of the Committee

Dr. David Fitz, Office of Academic Affairs
Ms. Barbara Mozdy, Health Center Director
Ms. Sommer Elliott-Disque, Director of Counseling Services