Documentation is necessary to validate both the presence of a disability and the need for reasonable accommodations for candidates seeking to register for various services with Disability Resources and Services. Disability Resources and Services has adopted a standard set of criteria for documenting disabilities based upon consultation with various professionals and professional organizations including the Association on Higher Education and Disability. Disability Resources and Services recognizes that each student’s circumstances are unique, and that a flexible approach to reviewing documentation is necessary.

Students are to submit documentation of their condition to the disability specialist assigned to their case. The disability counselor will compile the documentation and when it is reasonably complete the file will be forwarded to the Documentation Review Board for evaluation.

The DRB will verify that the information the student has provided meets the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville’s established criteria for the disability category under which it is submitted. The Board will also evaluate the accommodations being requested by the student and determine whether the accommodations are reasonable in light of the documentation and relevant applications of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If the documentation does NOT meet the established guidelines, the Review Board may grant provisional accommodations until the necessary information is submitted. Students will be notified in writing of the decision of the Documentation Review Board.