FLAG Early Warning Program

The FLAG program is part of Pitt-Titusville’s early warning system to fulfill its commitment to the success of students.  All campus members are encouraged to indicate students who are having academic and social problems.

The campus community is encouraged to submit FLAG notifications on the third and fifth Fridays of each semester.  The Office of Academic Affairs will remind faculty by email of these FLAG days.  It should be noted, however, that notifications can be sent anytime during the semester as an issue arises.

Once the students have been identified, the Academic Affairs Office will send a notice to the student with a suggested course of action and contact information for support services.

A summary report containing names and identified areas of concern for all flagged students will be prepared by Academic Affairs and sent to all advisors, the Director of the Learning Center, the Director of Counseling and Student Development, the Director of Residence Life, the Athletic Director, Coaches, the Director of Health Services, and the Executive Director of Student Affairs.

Academic advisors should contact any of their students that receive a FLAG notice.  The academic advisor should encourage the student to make improvements academically and should connect the student to the appropriate academic and social support offices on campus.

All members of the campus are reminded to make confidential referrals to the professional counselor in Student Affairs for students that may be having social, emotional, and other types of issues.  The campus community is asked to be vigilant in these matters in the first 6 weeks of the semester, particularly for freshman that may be having separation issues from home.