On behalf of the Student Affairs Division, we are delighted to welcome you to the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville.

As a student at Pitt-Titusville, you possess a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will ensure success in college and beyond.  You will learn how to explore new ideas and express yourself creatively to achieve your personal and educational goals.  Your involvement in the classroom, in student organizations, and at campus events will enhance your experience at Pitt-Titusville.

The Student Affairs staff are dedicated to providing programs and services that compliment your academic experience.  We offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved on campus, and balance your life as a student.  We truly believe that there is something for everyone here at Pitt-Titusville, through student activities, athletics, intramural sports, residence life programs, commuter student programs, and more.  Additionally, we have created a new Parent and Families Program designed to encourage the families of our students to become more involved with the campus.

In addition to providing social and educational opportunities for our students, we also offer support services, such as Career, Disability, Counseling, and Health Services.  Part of students’ success here, is knowing what support systems are in place.  We are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union.  We look forward to your visit.