According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 75% of all jobs require training beyond high school.

How are you going to get there?  What are your options?

If you are curious with communication skills and the ability to think critically, the Pitt-Titusville History Associate Degree program is for you!


Why Does a Degree in History Matter?

The Pitt-Titusville associate degree in history provides a solid foundation in the history of Western civilization, U.S. history, and African American history in addition to preparing you to enter four-year history programs within the University of Pittsburgh system and at other colleges and universities. The program of study includes courses in history, political science, and sociology.


What Societal Need Does it Fill?

The Pitt-Titusville associate degree history degree introduces the student to the concept of reasoned argument based on fact, as well as to critical thinking about events and issues – going beyond a superficial understanding of events and public affairs.  It will enable the student to question the conventional wisdom on societal matters.


Is there a Demand in This Field of Study?

An associate degree in history is more of a gateway to further education, rather than an end in itself.

Career opportunities for historians can be found in the following areas advertising executive, analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, lobbyist, personnel manager, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher . . . the list can be almost endless.

More specifically, though, with your degree in history you can be an educator, researcher, communicator or editor, information manager, advocate, or even a businessperson.


Are there any program specific honor society or clubs?

Yes!  There is a history honors fraternity: Phi Alpha Theta. The University of Pittsburgh has the second oldest chapter of this organization, the Beta chapter.

Curriculum Checksheet