According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 75% of all jobs require training beyond high school.

How are you going to get there?  What are your options?

If you are self-motivated, confident, organized, goal-oriented, and creative, the Pitt-Titusville Business Management Associate Degree program is for you!


Why does the Business Management degree/program matter?

The Associate of Science degree in business management at Pitt-Titusville provides a strong foundation in business concepts, communication skills, and analytical skills that will serve as a solid base for a professional career in business or advanced study in business management. This program also gives students the opportunity to explore other streams of knowledge to broaden their horizons.


What societal need does it fill?

Society needs individuals with skills in business management for a host of reasons, including: to manage business enterprises efficiently and effectively, to facilitate the production and delivery of want-satisfying goods and services to members of society, and to promote economic and job growth.


Is there a demand in this field of study?

Yes!!!  There is a strong demand for individuals with degrees in business management  Employers need individuals with skills in business management for a host of reasons.  Pitt-Titusville graduates with an associate degree in business management have the skills to manage business enterprises efficiently and effectively.  All organizations, even those that are not business organizations (e.g., non-profits, government, religious, etc.) need workers with business skills to succeed and prosper.


What career opportunities are available?

There are opportunities for business majors in every career.   They work in very field where business management skills (e.g., planning,. Organizing, leading and controlling) are needed.


Are internship opportunities available?

Internships opportunities for business management students attending the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville are available for students who qualify.  (QPA qualifications must be met, as well as number of credits earned.) See internship requirements for information on completing the internship for this major.

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