About the Mascot “Pounce” the Pitt-Titusville Panther 

Pounce Pounce arrived at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville in the summer of 2006 from Florida.  He was named by the cheerleaders that fall based upon a name that would be welcoming to fans of all ages and fit well with Panther.  Since Pounce’s main appearance was at the athletic events, the students felt they wanted to “pounce” the other teams by winning as many games as the teams could that season, giving Pounce his name.

He is a member of the Pitt-Titusville Cheerleaders and carries his pride for University of Pittsburgh everywhere he goes.  His golden color is a testament to his passion for the blue and gold.

Pounce is athletic and a fan favorite at all Pitt-Titusville basketball games.  He enjoys interacting with the fans and cheering on the basketball players for great baskets and winning basketball games.   Pounce enjoys his life in the birthplace of the Oil Industry by spending time in the outdoors and pursuing an associate degree at Pitt-Titusville.