Congratulations, Options Student!

You've been accepted!  There is no need to re-apply.

Pitt-Titusville offers students the unique combination of a small-school atmosphere with a large-school education.  As a regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh, you will enjoy the personalized and friendly environment that Pitt-Titusville provides while earning a University of Pittsburgh degree.

What is the Options Program?

The Options Program is the University of Pittsburgh’s response to the increasing number of highly qualified students who seek admission to the Pittsburgh campus. As Pitt’s reputation continues to grow, so does the volume of applications. Unfortunately, only a limited number of spaces are available at the Pittsburgh campus.  However, for students whose academic profile suggests they could benefit from the University's educational philosophy, strengths, and reputation, the Admissions Committee may offer admission to a regional campus, such as Pitt-Titusville.

Who can I contact to schedule a campus visit or to ask additional questions?

Please contact the Office of Admissions at (814) 827-4509, toll-free at (888) 878-0462, or to schedule your visit or talk to an admissions representative.

Let me show you why I chose Pitt-Titusville . . .

Everett Chronowski

Everett Chronowski

Throughout my time at UPT, I have had excellent professors. They were always there to help when I struggled to understand something. The best part is that it wasn’t just the professors that helped, it was the faculty together that helped me through. UPT has open up so many opportunities for me to get out and experience the world. I would have never gotten into my zoo internship if it weren’t for the faculty pushing me to do so.

The biology program is tough, but when you begin to pick up the knowledge and start applying it, that moment is one of the most exciting moments. That knowledge then leads to more opportunities, and those opportunities lead to lifelong memories and experiences. I’m happy that UPT gave me the chance to have a stepping stone into the big world without the struggle of being on a large campus.