The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville specializes in offering students a quality education in a small setting. With both day and evening classes available, you can take classes that fit your schedule and complete your degree at your own pace.

If the idea of returning to college seems overwhelming, don’t worry. We have counselors who are willing to walk you through the easy process of applying for admission (and if you’ve been out of high school for more than one year, no SAT’s are required).

Let me show you why I chose Pitt-Titusville . . .

Evelyn Kerr, RN

As a nontraditional student, I was very nervous about starting college and changing professions. The nursing program at UPT was a perfect fit for me, partially because I live locally which made it convenient. Don’t get me wrong, by being local and convenient does not make it easy. I believe that the nursing program at UPT is one of the best around. We had excellent clinicals, with a full semester in an ICU setting. This provided many opportunities to get practical experience that many students graduate without getting.  I felt very prepared for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) after graduating. On orientation for my first job as a registered nurse, the orienteer asked who had experience doing different skills and it stood out to me that those hired who graduated from UPT had more skill experience than those from other universities.

I would recommend the UPT nursing program for any traditional or nontraditional student looking for a career in health care and willing to challenge their self with the educational experience. You will graduate well prepared to take the NCLEX to begin your new career.