Pitt-Titusville is a special place for students, faculty and staff. As the smallest campus in the University of Pittsburgh system, Pitt-Titusville offers students a unique college experience: They receive personalized attention from faculty and staff, who are committed to helping them succeed, as well as access to the vast resources of the University of Pittsburgh. 

Pitt-Titusville offers a range of two-year associate degree programs. When students graduate, they can pursue employment or complete their baccalaureate degree in more than 100 different programs at one of the other campuses in the University of Pittsburgh system.

Our campus is a vibrant one, where students are engaged in clubs, athletics, and intramurals and take advantage of many leadership opportunities. For the last two years, two of our students were named Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholars for their scholastic achievement, community service, and leadership potential.

Pitt-Titusville is located in the heart of Titusville, a small and close-knit community. Our faculty, staff and students are a vital part of that community, working closely with residents on many organizations and projects, including the YWCA, the local animal shelter, and the annual Titusville Oil Festival. This synergistic relationship gives our students additional valuable experiences and enables community members to feel connected to our campus. 

That important Pitt connection with the community will continue as the campus transitions to a multi-institution education and training hub that will serve our six-county region. Starting in fall 2020, the hub will house traditional college classes as well as classes offered by a community college partner and vocational training programs.

We are excited about this new opportunity, which will enable us to tailor education and training to meet regional needs, which is an essential element in advancing the economic health and vitality of the region and the commonwealth.   

As we transition, we will continue to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in a safe, supportive, comfortable and inclusive learning environment.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to our campus.


Dr. Lawrence Feick

Interim President, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville