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Placement Tests

To place students appropriately in English writing and mathematics classes, the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville follows these guidelines.

  1. English writing
    1. Students who score 450 or above on the verbal component of the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) are placed into ENG 0101.
    2. Students who score 449 or below on the verbal component of the SAT are placed into ENG 0100.
    3. Students who score between a 410 and a 449 may contest their placement into ENG 0100 by taking the English writing placement exam.

  2. Mathematics
    1. All students are required to take the mathematics placement exam.
    2. Calculators are not permissible.  All testing material is provided.
    3. Students may access the mathematics placement exam study guide by clicking on the following: 
      Mathematics Placement Study Guide - PDF Format
      Mathematics Placement Study Guide - Word Document

  3. Nursing Students
    1. Students applying to the nursing program must complete the mathematics and English writing placement exams (following the guidelines in points A and B) before their application can be considered by the Nursing Admissions Committee.

  4. Transfer Credit
    1. Students who have transfer credits that are at the minimum equivalent to ENG 0100, MATH 0029 or MATH 0030 are not required to take the placement exam in the area they have been granted credit.  Students will be placed according to the evaluation of their transfer credits.

  5. Scheduling of Placement Exams
    1. Nearly all students take the placement exams on a Student Testing Advising and Registration Day (STAR DAY).
    2. Students can contact Admissions to schedule an individual appointment for taking the placement exams at other times.

Students may only take the placement exams one time.

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