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Dr. Laura Terwilliger
Ms. Molly Wagner

Do you wonder why you behave the way you do?  Do like observing other people’s actions and behaviors? Do you think about why we sometimes act differently in groups than as individuals? Are you interested in interpersonal relationships and how to make them better?  If so, then you may be interested in pursuing a degree in psychology. 

The Pitt-Titusville associate degree in psychology prepares you to enter four-year psychology programs at the campuses within the University of Pittsburgh system and other colleges and universities.  It also prepares you for some entry-level positions in human service agencies.

The program of study for the associate degree includes courses in psychology, research methods, sociology, and human biology.




5 0 4  E a s t  M a i n  S t r e e t     T i t u s v i l l e,  P A  1 6 3 5 4     8 8 8 . 8 7 8 . 0 4 6 2