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University of Pittsburgh at Titusville (Pitt-Titusville) students intending to relocate to the College of Business Administration (CBA) at the Pittsburgh campus after completing the Associate Degree in Business can follow a specific curriculum to ensure their admission into CBA with junior standing. In order to facilitate the relocation of students from Pitt-Titusville to CBA and to ensure that students from Pitt-Titusville have full access to the resources at both institutions, the colleges enter into the following articulation agreement:

Upon completion of the Pitt-Titusville/CBA articulation agreement, a student may expect the following:

  1. To earn the Associate in Business from Pitt-Titusville.

  2. To be guaranteed admission to the College of Business Administration provided that:

    • An overall GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale has been attained at Pitt-Titusville*

    • A 3.00 GPA has been attained in eleven key courses noted in the attached list of courses to be completed at Pitt-Titusville*

  3. To have the indicated courses taken at Pitt-Titusville applied to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree, thus entering CBA with junior status upon relocation

*Change in Requirement

The 3.00 GPA requirement is in effect for students relocating to CBA for Spring Semester 2007 and after.

Admissions Process

Students pursuing the Pitt-Titusville Associate in Business with the intention of relocating to CBA will follow the academic program specified in this document. During the student’s last semester at Pitt-Titusville, the student will complete an academic program change form (form #0097) in the Academic Affairs office. Provided that he or she has met the requirements for guaranteed admission, the student will be automatically accepted into the College of Business Administration at the junior level. Students who do not meet the guaranteed admission standards will be reviewed individually.

Letter of Intent

Students may identify themselves to the College of Business Administration if they choose by completing the attached Letter of Intent and sending it to CBA. Benefits include direct access to a CBA academic advisor for questions about courses, deadlines, and other issues that may arise. Pitt-Titusville students intending to relocate to CBA are invited to schedule a visit to the Oakland campus and CBA. Students may participate in an appointment with an admissions counselor, a tour of campus, a business class, or other activities.

Pitt-Titusville/CBA Articulation Agreement

Pitt-Titusville Credits

College of Business Administration

Associate of Science in Business BSBA Program
Required Arts & Science Courses BSBA Requirement fulfilled
ENGCMP 0200: Seminar in Composition 3 required course 3
ENGCMP 0400: Written Professional Communication 3 arts & science elective 3
MATH 0031: Algebra (if needed) 3 does not count toward BSBA 0
MATH 0120: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences* 4 required course 4
PSY 0010: Intro. to Psychology 3 required course 3
ECON 0100: Microeconomics* 3 required course 3
ECON 0110: Macroeconomics* 3 required course 3
CS 0131 or CS 0135 Computer Course 3 arts & science elective 3
COMMRC 0520 or 0530 3 arts & science elective 3
STAT 1100: Statistics & Probability for Business Management* 4 required course 4
Restricted Electives
Humanities Elective 3 - 5 Take 1st semester of a foreign language (5 credits), if needed. If not, choose one humanities course from the attached list (3 credits) 3 - 5
Social Science Elective 3 Choose one course from the attached list 3
Arts & Science Elective 3 - 5 Take 2nd semester of a foreign language, if needed, or choose a social science, humanities or natural science from the attached lists. 3 - 5
Required Business Courses
BUS 0103: Intro. to Business* 3 BUSSPP 0020: Managing in Complex Environments 3
ACCT 0111/0112 Financial and Managerial Accounting* 6 BUSACC 0030: Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 1303: Strategic Cost Management* 3 BUSACC 0040: Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 0102: Intro. to Management* 3 BUSORG 1020: Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 1301: Principles of Marketing* 3 BUSMKT 1040: Intro. to Marketing 3
BUS 1305: Human Resource Management* 3 BUSHRM 1050: Human Resources Management 3

CBA Majors

The BSBA degree includes majors in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and General Management. Students declare their major during the first semester of their junior year.

For admission into a specific major, the student must have completed the core course in the subject with a C or better. Marketing majors must have a C or better in BUS 1301 Principles of Marketing. Accounting majors must complete ACCT 0111, 0112 Financial and Managerial Accounting, and ACCT 1303 Strategic Cost Management, each with a C or higher. General Management majors must complete the core courses in their two chosen concentrations with a C or better in each. Finance majors will take the core course in finance after relocation to CBA.

Special Circumstances

We realize that not all Pitt-Titusville students will know when they begin their freshman year that they want to relocate to CBA after completing their Associates Degree. Some of these students may take different courses than the ones we have suggested. Others may have transferred credits to Pitt-Titusville from another college or university.

For any students with special circumstances, we encourage them to contact the College of Business Administration Office of Admissions. While we are somewhat flexible with students relocating from regional campuses, we cannot guarantee that all of your credits will count toward the degree. We also recommend that you provide us with transcripts from other colleges and universities you have attended so that we can evaluate your transfer credits early. We will do our best to make relocation to the College of Business Administration easy and worthwhile.

Who to contact at the College of Business Administration for information:

Office of Admissions: (412) 383-9600 email addresses:

You may mail your transcripts for an unofficial credit evaluation to the College of Business Administration, Office of Admissions, 2100 Sennott Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Transcripts may also be faxed to (412) 383-9606.

Access the CBA web site for curriculum information at

Recommended Schedule

First Year

ENGCMP 0200: Seminar in Composition Social Science Elective
MATH 0031: Algebra (if needed)+ MATH 0120: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
PSY 0010: Introduction to Psychology ECON 0100: Microeconomics
CS 0131 or 0135 Computer Course BUS 0103: Introduction to Business
ACCT 0111: Financial Accounting ACCT 0112: Managerial Accounting*
TOTAL: 15 credits TOTAL: 16 credits

+ Students who place out of this course may replace it with another arts & sciences restricted elective, as long as the maximum number of credits taken at Pitt-Titusville that count towards the BSBA does not exceed 60. See the attached list.

* Accounting majors are advised to review financial accounting before relocating to CBA, as the financial accounting sequence will continue in their junior year.

Second Year

STAT 1100: Statistics & Probability for Business Management ENGCMP 0400: Written Professional Communication
ECON 0110: Macroeconomics BUS 1301: Principles of Marketing
ACCT 1303: Strategic Cost Management COMMRC 0520 or 0530
Foreign Language or humanities Foreign Language or arts & sciences elec.
BUS 0102: Principles of Management BUS 1305: Human Resource Management
TOTAL: 16 - 18 credits * TOTAL: 15 - 17 credits

* Students may choose to reduce the number of courses taken during this semester and pick up an additional course over the summer.

Approved Courses for Restricted Electives

Pitt-Titusville students will take some of their required arts & science courses before relocating to the College of Business Administration. These are the approved Pitt-Titusville courses that will meet BSBA requirements. Please choose these courses with your academic advisor. The CBA web site,, also has a list of approved courses that are available at the Pittsburgh campus.


One from each area is required for the BSBA degree. Only one is required for the Associates in Business. Pitt-Titusville will allow also a foreign language course to fulfill the humanities elective.

Music/Art Philosophy
HAA 0010: Introduction to World Art PS 0600: Political Theory & Analysis
HAA 0150: Ancient Art PHIL 0080: Intro. to Philosophical Problems
HAA 0302: Renaissance Art* PHIL 0300: Intro. to Ethics
MUSIC 0711: History of Jazz  
CLASS 1130: Classical Mythology & Literature* ENGLIT 0610: Women & Literature ENGLIT 0370: Literature & Ideas
ENGLIT 0315: Reading Poetry ENGLIT: 0625 Detective Fiction ENGLIT 0580: Intro. to Shakespeare
RELGST 1144: Classical Mythology & Literature* ENGLIT: 0641 Tragedy ENGLIT 0570: American Traditions in Literature
  ENGLIT 0325: Short Story in Context  

Social Sciences

Two courses from two different disciplines are required for the BSBA degree. Only one course is required by Pitt-Titusville for the Associates in Business.

AFRCNA 0031: Intro. to Africana Studies HIST 0600: US History through 1877 PS 0500: World Politics*
ANTH 0582: Intro. to Archeology HIST 0601 US History 1865 to Present PSY 0105: Intro. to Social Psychology
ANTH 0780: Intro. to Cultural Anthropology HIST 0671: Afro-American History 2 PSY 0184: Psychology of Gender
CLASS 1210: Greek History* HIST 0676: Religion in Modern America RELGST 1120: Origins of Christianity*
CLASS 1430: Orgins of Christianity* HIST 0751: Ancient Worlds* SOC 0007: Social Problems
ECON 0280: Intro. to Money & Banking HIST 1656: American Workers--20th Century SOC 0010: Intro. to Sociology
HIST 0100: Western Civilization 1* HIST 1685: US Popular Culture SOC 0446: Sociology of Gender
HIST 0101: Western Civilization 2* HIST 1775: Origins of Christianity* SOC 0471: Deviance & Social Control
HIST 0302: Soviet Russia* HIST 0670: Afro-American History 1 SOC 0475: Sociology of Aging
    PS 0200: American Political Process

* Any of the courses above indicated with a "*" will fulfill a foreign culture course requirement in addition to the requirement under which it is listed. Students are required to complete two foreign cultures for the BSBA degree.

Natural Sciences

CBA requires two courses for the BSBA. Pitt-Titusville does not require any natural science beyond PSY 0010 (which is not counted as a natural science by CBA), but students may choose one of the following courses to fulfill their Arts & Sciences elective.

BIOSC 0150: Foundations of Biology 1
BIOSC 0800: Biology for Non-majors 1
CHEM 0110: General Chemistry 1
CHEM 0800: Chemistry for Non-scientists 1
GEOL 0800: Geology
PHYS 0174: Physics for Science & Engineering 1
PHYS 0110: Intro. to Physics 1
PSY 0405: Learning & Motivation
ANTH 0680: Intro. to Physical Anthropology

Date of Agreement: August 16, 2005

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