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Pitt-Titusville Celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Memories from 1970s

  • N. Kogen (1972 – 1974) - “I loved everything about Titusville; the students, the faculty, and most importantly, the people of Titusville! I honestly believe that because of Dr. Ball, Ted Burtt, and the Titusville community, and the Titusville Summer Theatre, I had the opportunity to find out something about myself I could have only found at that time, in that place! Every blessing I have enjoyed over my lifetime has been in some way connected to being a Titusville Pitt student, and all the things I gained from that experience. Thank you all!”

  • R. Melvin (1974 – 1976) - “When I applied to the University of Pittsburgh, my plan was to begin my freshman year at the main campus. Within a very short period of time at the Titusville campus I came to realize that I was fortunate not to have been admitted to the main campus. The attention given to the students at Titusville by faculty and administration far exceeded anything anyone could ever experience at the main campus; for the small size of the Titusville student population allowed for individual attention and growth, as if we had individual and personal tutors guiding us with our studies and life. But above all else, the friends I made 40 years ago at Titusville are still part of my life, and I won't have it any other way. Thank you.”

  • P. (Hahnel) Renner (1977 – 1979) - “Wow, the trivia questions spurred all sorts of happy thoughts!  I have very fond memories of my time at Pitt Titusville. Boomer, Ma Daniels, Mr.Hughes and Dean Frankie were the first names to pop into my head.  In 1978 my roommate, Lisa Paladino and I ran for President and VP of the Student Government and were said to be the first females to hold these positions at the University.  Imagine that! Good luck with the festivities, I will try to join in.Cheers to T-Ville!”


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