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Pitt-Titusville Celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Memories from 1960s

  • R. Lewis (1963 – 1965) - “I was in the very first class 50 years ago on a full tuition scholarship. Being in T-ville at that time was a life-changer for me. I remember classes in the mansion from Zolbrod, Zavanky, Gardner, and Buckwalder. We took Saturday trips to the main campus for football games, and got to see the big city. After two years, I transferred to the main campus, graduated, went to grad school, got my Ph.D., and professored for 40+ years. In 1963, I don't know where the other paths would have led, but I have no regrets over the one I took.”

  • D. Sweeney (1963 – 1965) – “I graduated with the original class to attend PIT in Titusville.  I am now a retired pharmacist, living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I loved Titusville and everything about the time I spent there.  It was 2 buildings and it was a great start.  The big campus was hell at first, but the Pittsburg experience was timeless, and still is.”       

  • Karen (Evans) Hasbrouck (1967 – 1969) “Enjoyed Titusville experience immensely. Enjoyed the small campus experience before the main campus intensity. Thought my professors were excellent and helped prepare me for entry into the school of nursing.



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