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Pitt-Titusville Celebrates its 50th Anniversary



  • R. Lewis (1963 – 1965) - “I was in the very first class 50 years ago on a full tuition scholarship. Being in T-ville at that time was a life-changer for me. I remember classes in the mansion from Zolbrod, Zavanky, Gardner, and Buckwalder. We took Saturday trips to the main campus for football games, and got to see the big city. After two years, I transferred to the main campus, graduated, went to grad school, got my Ph.D., and professored for 40+ years. In 1963, I don't know where the other paths would have led, but I have no regrets over the one I took.”

  • D. Sweeney (1963 – 1965) – “I graduated with the original class to attend PIT in Titusville.  I am now a retired pharmacist, living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I loved Titusville and everything about the time I spent there.  It was 2 buildings and it was a great start.  The big campus was hell at first, but the Pittsburg experience was timeless, and still is.”       

  • Karen (Evans) Hasbrouck (1967 – 1969) “Enjoyed Titusville experience immensely. Enjoyed the small campus experience before the main campus intensity. Thought my professors were excellent and helped prepare me for entry into the school of nursing.

  • N. Kogen (1972 – 1974) - “I loved everything about Titusville; the students, the faculty, and most importantly, the people of Titusville! I honestly believe that because of Dr. Ball, Ted Burtt, and the Titusville community, and the Titusville Summer Theatre, I had the opportunity to find out something about myself I could have only found at that time, in that place! Every blessing I have enjoyed over my lifetime has been in some way connected to being a Titusville Pitt student, and all the things I gained from that experience. Thank you all!”

  • R. Melvin (1974 – 1976) - “When I applied to the University of Pittsburgh, my plan was to begin my freshman year at the main campus. Within a very short period of time at the Titusville campus I came to realize that I was fortunate not to have been admitted to the main campus. The attention given to the students at Titusville by faculty and administration far exceeded anything anyone could ever experience at the main campus; for the small size of the Titusville student population allowed for individual attention and growth, as if we had individual and personal tutors guiding us with our studies and life. But above all else, the friends I made 40 years ago at Titusville are still part of my life, and I won't have it any other way. Thank you.”

  • P. (Hahnel) Renner (1977 – 1979) - “Wow, the trivia questions spurred all sorts of happy thoughts!  I have very fond memories of my time at Pitt Titusville. Boomer, Ma Daniels, Mr.Hughes and Dean Frankie were the first names to pop into my head.  In 1978 my roommate, Lisa Paladino and I ran for President and VP of the Student Government and were said to be the first females to hold these positions at the University.  Imagine that! Good luck with the festivities, I will try to join in.Cheers to T-Ville!”

  • J. (Metrovich) Messett (1989-1991 & 1995-1997) - “I enjoyed 2yrs at UPT after High School then came back as a non-traditional student for 2 more years and graduated from the PTA program.  I met my husband there in my first two years and made many friends that I still keep in touch with. I had many great experiences and great Professors that helped shape who I am today. Even today, 24 years after I first stepped onto UPT's campus, I still continue to meet people who have attended UPT. I have yet to meet anyone who didn't enjoy their time there. ”

  • S. (Shaffer) Allen (1997 – 2000) – “My time at UPT was unforgettable, from meeting friends to the academic rigor in the classroom.  My best friends now are those I met during my time at UPT! Congrats on 50 years of GREATNESS, I hope I can celebrate 100 years too!”

  • J. Hobbins (1998 - 2000) - "Had good times at UPT.  Was part of the class year that helped named Boomer's with a group of other students who knew and worked with Dave (AKA) Boomer "

  • A. Hook (1998 - 2001) - "Met both of my best friends here"

  • K. Scheetz (1998 – 2000) – “Believe it or not it was the best two years I spent in college! Too many good times and memories to list.”

  • J. Newman (1998 – 2001) – “UPT will always hold a special place in my heart. Some of the greatest things in my life happened while on Campus there. I met my beautiful wife there and made life long friendships there. My best man and 4 out of 5 of my Groomsmen in my wedding all attended UPT. It was a 2 year school then, but somehow I stayed an extra year! I made the best of my experiences there and wouldn't change a thing. Loved the faculty and staff and just about everything else. Just fond memories all together.”

  • M. Gualano (1999 - 2001) - "Congratulations UPT on 50 outstanding years!!  My 2 years there were 2 of the best of my life.  Not only was I gaining a quality education from some of the best professors, but I gained a lot about myself from being involved with many student activities on campus and meeting tremendous friends.  I can't believe it has been over 10 years now.  I know I am where I am because UPT really set me up for success! (I still owe a visit to UPT too!)"

  • A. (Stumpf) Lehnortt (2006 – 2008) - “UPT left a definite imprint in my life. I am grateful for the time I spent on campus and am proud to be a UPT alumnus. Since my graduation, I continue to remain connected to the campus. The relationships built during my time at UPT continue to provide support and resources during my career. I wish all students and alumni the success that the University of Pittsburgh of Titusville has to offer. You won't be disappointed!”

  • K. Talkington (2007 - 2012) – “As a single, adult student, raising children and working. I found UPT enrolled a lot of adult students returning to continue there education. The staff were very encouraging and went above and beyond. The small class atmosphere made learning a more personal one.”



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