A mock interview offers you the opportunity to experience a simulated job interview, so that you can learn what to expect during an actual interview and improve your self-presentation skills. The mock interviewers (faculty & staff) will attempt to make the interview as realistic as possible while ensuring that you also have the time and opportunity to learn along the way. Our interviewers will use your real job descriptions or a job description that interests you to help you answer the questions you will see in a real interview.

Remember to wear appropriate business attire to the mock interview, compatible with the company/organization environment with which you are interviewing as well as bringing with you copies of your resume and any other documents you feel would be appropriate.

Each interview will be 30 minutes in length. The mock interviewer will spend much of that time conducting the interview and will use the remaining time to provide constructive feedback. At any point during the interview, you are able to stop and request feedback on a specific question or interview topic.

Students are also encouraged to attend the following events:

Events Leading up to Mock Interview

  • March 12th - Cover Letter
  • March 14th - Resume
  • March 16th - Resume Review
  • March 28th - Mock Interview Day


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If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the mock interview process, please contact Mr. Ledebur at (814) 827-4479 or ledebur@pitt.edu.